Our People

At HDT, people is more than just an asset, they are our precious resources. That’s why we always treat our people as a part of big family instead of an employee.

We break free from the “conventional – bureaucracy” hierarchy system which may lost organizations adopt and moving to “modern-transparent” working environment. We believed that to be a winning team, we have to get along together, being equal but in proportional, well mannered and worked as a team. We worked together as a team across our various departments within HDT and IGAL, our cross-functional support is here to serve you better.

Our commitment to serve you better is a must and there is no room to bargain in any matters. We understand that to have this commitment, we need high quality people. We recruit talented, motivated and disciplined individuals, with good attitudes and a high degree of integrity; eager to learn as well as share their own knowledge and experiences. Besides the relevant academic qualification and industry experiences, our people are proactive, trustworthy, responsive and committed.

We are committed to invest in our people. That’s why we conduct various development programs to support and encourage continuing education of our professionals.

Our people are easy to access without the hassle of bureaucracy. We believe by adding a personal touch and not just being a service provider, we could become your trusted partner while, at the same time, maintaining the independence and objectivity essential to a sound and professional relationship. Our service do not stop at the scope that we are engaged but professionally, highlighting other areas that are of value-add to your business.